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16 July, 2023

My passion for web development

As I said in other post, I am a Mechanical Engineer with 6 years of experiences, but now I am a web developer. How was it possible?

Well, all start when I study a mester’s degree in my university about Management in Maintenance and I decided to made a tesis: Software of Management in Maintenance with RCM (Reliability Centred Maintenance), so first I invest how to make it, I saw three options: desktop application, mobile application and web application.

App of cars

I discarded the first option because you have to get the executable and the install in your computer, it isn’t practical. I decided for the third option because You don’t need to install anything and if there was an update of application, you don’t have any problem because the application would update only in its server.

When I invest and study all about softwares, I was enchanted by the world of software development, since then I have dedicated to making web application not only for my tesis.


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